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"O century, O arts,
it is a joy to live and not to rest.
The studies are flourishing,
the spirits are awake!"

The humanist Ulrich von Hutten, 1518
Quoted in: Personality in German
Literature before Luther, Kuno Francke,
Harvard University Press, 1916

Picture: Hoag's Object: Ringgalaxie. (Source)

Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings
Departments and Research Projects

The Insights of the Wisdom Teachings as a Model for:

Project  0: An Integral World View

Project  1: Integral Science

Project  2: Integral Education

Project  3: Integral Psychology

Project  4: The Harmony of Humanity with all of Creation

Project  5: Integral Consciousness

Project  6: Integral Philosophy

Project  7: World Community and World Culture

Project  8: Integral Managemant

Project  9: Wisdom in Action

Project 10: The Metamorphosis Process

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