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"There has to come a humanity where all peoples are united by spiritual goals striving for the highest that could ever exist on earth."

Albert Schweitzer

Picture : Tibetan children in Dharamsala
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Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings

Become a supporter of  the Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings
Help the Foundation by making a donation, a grant, or leaving a legacy in your will

The Foundation depends greatly on the generosity of individuals, trusts and foundations for a variety of projects linked to education and research. Your support will strengthen the work of the Foundation, its research, its publications and facilities. Funds raised are being applied to develop the work and mission of the Foundation. Priorities include:

  • establishing the new auditorium and educational facility of the foundation
  • the Renaissance of Wisdom Project; including 10 research programmes
  • a series of publications: "Insights - Einsichten"
  • the insights of the Wisdom Teachings in a dialogue with the insights of leading scientific research
  • establishing an electronic library with key texts of the Wisdom Traditions; all of which will support major research programmes at the Foundation and will in time assist researchers worldwide
  • educational programmes, for schoolchildren, students and lifelong learners
  • establishing a museum of the World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings


Endowing excellence for the future

The Foundation's Endowment Fund supports the education and research programmes revealing the everlasting foundations of human culture, the treasures of wisdom and insight in the classical wisdom teachings, the world religions and integral sciences. The Fund provides a contribution for adding value to the quality of life for an emerging world community.

Capital projects

These include purchase, renovation and expansion of education and research facilities. Supporting the Foundation's Endowment Fund is an excellent means to provide unrestricted donations for related capital projects.

Support for the Foundation can be given in a variety of ways:

  • Making a donation in cash or by cheque, credit (Visa and Mastercard only) and debit cards (Switch only)
  • Making a contribution through permission to use technologies, copyrights and materials related to the subjects
  • Leaving a legacy in your will.                                                                                                                  
  • A minimum legacy of $1000 will be recorded in the Foundation's Memorial Book
  • Becoming a corporate member


For more information contact:

Dipl. Ing. Raphael Schmid
Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings

D-97769 Bad Brückenau, Germany
Tel: +49 9741 6090996

Why become a corporate member? Partnering with a leading foundation

As a successful organisation, you've made inspired choices to be where you are. One of the most important choices any organization can make is to find a partner who shares your goals and help you realize your ambitions.

In the Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings, you're guaranteed a partner of quality, supporting the synthesis of an emerging Perennial Truth of the great Wisdom Traditions  – a long-standing tradition of excellence – as well as the solidity, connections, resources and international reputations you demand.


US taxpayers

Donations made by US taxpayers to the Foundation WW Endowment Fund are fully tax deductible. 

Should you wish to contribute to Foundation WW Endowment Fund, a donation form is available to download via the link in the right hand column.  Return the form to: 

Dipl. Ing. Raphael Schmid 

Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings

D-97769 Bad Brückenau, Germany
Tel: +49 9741 6090996


Contact us 

Ideas and suggestions are welcome. Do please write to the President and Founder, Mr. Raphael Schmid,  Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings, Bad Neustadt, Germany.


The Renaissance of Wisdom Initiative  – Holistic Education Project 

As part of the Renaissance of Wisdom initiative, the Foundation is working on the development, delivery and evaluation of educational programmes on subjects relating to holistic education.

The Integral Education Initiatitive is a three-year project. The programmes developed will specifically be aimed at young people of ages 11–16, within both the formal education sector and their wider communities. It will also involve the development of associated teaching resources and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for teachers and other educators. 

The content for schools will be developed first, and will focus on key areas of the national curriculum – science, ethics, history and citizenship – all of which form the foundation of the holistic approach to education according to the educational ideals of the Wisdom Traditions.

The main aims of the initiative are to:

pilot and evaluate in-house and outreach programmes 

carry out a teacher consultation

roll-out in-house and outreach programmes as a regular WW educational provision                                              


The Renaissance of Wisdom Initiative - Looking forward  

Building on our achievements will help the Foundation to deliver an initiative that is leading in this field – both nationally and internationally.

Renaissance of Wisdom will contribute to clarifying the role the Foundation and the world cultural heritage of the Wisdom Teachings will play in developing public understanding participation with this subject area.

By adopting a dynamic, topical and inclusive approach, Renaissance of Wisdom will enhance the Foundations existing resources and answer several key questions:

What are the stakeholders' needs in raising awareness and brokering public involvement?

What is the public interest in understanding and engaging with these issues?

What is the role of the Foundation in addressing these needs and developing creative solutions?

The answers will help enhance the effectiveness of all future interpretation and communication projects delivered both at the Foundation and by other partner organizations. The findings will also have a broader international relevance to the wisdom tradition and the general public.

Contact information

For more information about the Renaissance of Wisdom initiative and our plans for the future, contact:

Dipl. Ing. Raphael Schmid 

Executive Coordinator, Renaissance of Wisdom Intiative 

Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings

97769 Bad Brückenau
Tel: +49 9741 6090996

E-mail: raphael.schmid@stiftungwdw.de   

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