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Title: Athena Fountain in front of the Austrian
Parliament Building

Megatrend Renaissance of Wisdom

»Ideally a culture could emerge which
develops its core value system around
wisdom. After all, a long biography
needs content and purpose.«

Matthias Horx
Trend analyst and futurist

The Monograph
Renaissance of Wisdom

The centerpiece of the »Renaissance of Wisdom« project will be the publication of a monograph in 2008.
It will be a detailed, well-documented work in full color presenting a comprehensive understanding of all aspects
of wisdom.

Through comparative research and synoptical documentation, the insights of the various wisdom traditions,
science, art and music will be brought into a dialogue. In the light of this new and integral view, the similarity of
the concepts will be evident and the seeming diversity of the historical doctrines will be superseded by an all
encompassing and intelligent understanding that is harmonious with all.

Chapter 1
The Wisdom Tradition - A World Cultural Heritage

Discovering the common core of universal truths
harmonious with all philosophies, religions and cultures.

Chapter 2
Rediscovering an ancient Value

The 21st century has the potential to develop into a truly remarkable period in human and cultural evolution.
We are witnessing an unprecedented dimensional shift of concious-ness towards a renaissance of wisdom
as an indispensable aspect of a truly humane way of living.

Part II
Discovering the various Aspects of »Wisdom«

Chapter 3
Primordial Wisdom

The hidden »Wisdom of God«
The essence of Spirit - the primordial ground of creation

Chapter 4
Human Wisdom

»Renaissance of Wisdom« is revealing a modern under-standing of wisdom as a series of competences:

The capacity of pure reason, discrimination
The capacity of good judgement, prudence
The capacity to make the best use of knowledge
The capacity of synopsis - holistic consciousness
The capacity of dialogue and empathy -
advancing the well-being of humanity as a whole

Chapter 5
Wisdom as an immanent Principle in Nature

»All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence
of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.« Max Planck

The emerging concept of the in-formation field
The »declaration of interdependence« of creation

Part III
The Renaissance of Wisdom

Chapter 6
Wisdom and Science in a Dialogue -
Towards an integral Vision of Reality

The concept of »spirit« and »matter« in the historical Wisdom Traditions and in modern science

In the Wisdom Teachings we find a world view showing a unity of metaphysical and scientific research.
The new sciences are coming up with new models which correspond to a remarkable extend with the
world view of the Wisdom Teachings.

Chapter 7
The Renaissance of Wisdom

The evolution of the noosphere
The emergence of a planetary consciousness
Sustainability: living in harmony with all of creation
Wisdom in action: a truly humane way of living

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