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Title: Statue of Athena in front of the Austrian
Parliament Building

«Education not only means knowledge
and qualification but also orientation and
the capacity of discrimination. Education gives us an inner compass. Education
without nobleness of heart is no
education. Only when knowledge and an awareness of high values come together,
only then a human being is capable
to act with responsibility.»

Federal President Horst Köhler

World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings
World Community of Ideas

The »Renaissance of Wisdom« project is intended as a contribution to an emerging world community: to identify the everlasting foundations of human culture, treasures of wisdom and insight in the classical wisdom teachings, the world religions and integral sciences as a common core of universally recognized truths. These treasures are of such timeless value that they rank - just as the name of the foundation says - as a world cultural heritage: world culture as heritage and goal.

Futuristic Ideas for Innovation and Competence

From various professional backgrounds the founders of the foundation are following the same vision: to bring the
insights of the Wisdom Teachings in a dialogue with the insights of leading scientific research. The insights of
the classical Wisdom Teachings will be shown as an inspiration to all aspects of modern life.

The Research Projects of the Foundation
The Insights of the Wisdom Teachings - An Inspiration for:

  • Department 0: An Integral World View
  • Department 1: Integral Science
  • Department 2: Integral Education
  • Department 3: Integral Medicine and Psychology
  • Department 4: Harmony of Humanity and Creation
  • Department 5: Integral Consciousness
  • Department 6: Integral Philosophy
  • Department 7: World Community & World Culture
  • Department 8: Integral Management

A »Renaissance of Wisdom« in Education.

For the United Nations Decade of »Education for Sustainable Development«, the foundation is preparing
a project designed to introduce wisdom as a series of competences - initiating a »Renaissance of Wisdom«
within the field of education.

Megatrend Renaissance of Wisdom

Among trend analysts and futurists, the »Renaissance of Wisdom« is regarded as a megatrend in the mean time.
Matthias Horx formulated in regards to our increasing life expectancy: »Ideally a culture could emerge which
develops its core value system around wisdom. After all, a long biography needs content and purpose.«

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