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World cultural heritage of Wisdom Teachings
What is wisdom? What is knowledge?
Unity of metaphysical and scientific research
Unity of spirit and matter
• The idea of the primordial ground

"The energies of all the great world views
stream into Western thought. 

Through the co-operation of these varied forms of thought and energy it is enabled to exalt into a universal conviction the optimistic ethical concept which hovers before it's mind, and that too in a strength which it has never displayed in any previous age or in any other part of the world."

Albert Schweitzer,
The Philosophy of Civilisation, Page 112

Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings
Universally recognized Truths - commonly shared Values:
Foundation of a harmonious world Community in the future

We are living in a time of globalization and of international cooperation. The global events of the last years have shown the importance of transcending the narrow limits of personal and national interests and to find the way to a global and humane culture of responsibility.

On the way to a global culture, characterized by holistic thinking and responsible action, it is of vital importance for humankind to share a common point of reference of universally recognized truths. Truths that are valid at all times and harmonious with all cultures, religions, philosophies and political structures. These everlasting values can be found in the insights of the Wisdom Teachings. The recognition and appreciation of these commonly shared values can become the foundation of a harmonious way of living in the future - qualified by mutual respect and a spirit of cooperation.

Picture 1: Dharma Chakra, The Wheel of the Teaching
Picture 2: Planet Earth
Picture 3: The Unfoldment of the Noosphere:
Diagrammatic depiction of the development of the human layer


On the Way to a World Community
The Synthesis of Individuals,Nations and Traditions

Many great thinkers have pointed towards an approaching synthesis
of individuals, nations and traditions into a world community.


"A harmonized collectivity of consciousnesses, equivalent to a kind of superconsciousness. With the Earth not only covered by myriads of grains of thought, but wrapped in a single thinking envelope until it functionally forms but a single vast grain of thought on the sidereal scale. The plurality of individual reflections being grouped and reinforced in a single unanimous act of reflection.
This is the general form in which we are led scientifically, by analogy and symmetry with the past, to represent for ourselves in the future a humanity apart from which no terrestrial way out opens to the terrestrial requirements of our action."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man, Collins, Page 251

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