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„Give us the wisdom and the courage to work tirelessly for a world in which true peace and love will reign among all nations and in the hearts of all.“ 

Pope Benedikt XVI 

Wisdom and Science in a Dialogue –
Futuristic Ideas for Innovation and Competence 

„Germany has to rebecome a workshop for talents.

What we need is an atmosphere of departure and more than anything else a climate of respect for new and inspiring ideas.“

Annette Schavan, German Minister of Education 

„O century, o science,
it is a joy to live!
The sciences are blossoming,
the spirits are stirring.”

Ulrich von Hutten, „ex buchonia“, 1488 – 1523
Knight and Humanist from the Rhön Country

Sketch for the central element of the former Monastery Garden

Foundation World Cultutal Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings
Education Facility Campaign

In order to realise the foundation’s purpose, to manifest the projects and to help the foundation to become fully operative, it was of utmost importance to move into a new building. In 2008 there was an opportunity to purchase a property which is suitable to become the educational facility for the foundation in many ways.



Chateau Löwenhain is a Franconian manor surrounded by a lovely park, located in a part of town of Bad Neustadt an der Saale. The manor was built by the Barons von Gebsattel in 1750. It is a modest three-storey building and its representation rooms have been fitted out with the finest stucco from the Hellmuth Brothers’ workshop. The hallway and the wide staircase with banisters and balustrade are from the same time. The entrance gate to the premises is decorated with a lion gate. The harmonious quietness of the place will allow the visitor to find inner peace and reflection. 

The modern school building from 1974 will offer lots of space for seminars, trainings and multimedia exhibitions after its renovation. 


Education Facility „Chateau Löwenhain“

In December 2008, the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF) handed over Chateau Löwenhain to the Foundation World Culture Heritage of Wisdom Teachings. The Foundation intends to pick up the thread of good spirit of the place and fill it once more with new life: through conferences, cultural happenings, exhibitions and symposia. 

A harmonious serenity can be felt throughout the chateau and the chapel. Here the mind will find peace and reflection. The conversations of leading personalities from all over the world will be enriched by new ideas. The Foundation is inviting to a dialog between wisdom and science, inviting to find the way with each other to formulate a broadened, modern understanding of the creational order as well as a holistic concept of man.

Once a year the activities of the Foundation will culminate in a sparkling festival pointing towards the common spiritual heritage of mankind, and revealing how the ideas of the great spiritual traditions may inspire especially today. A festival of ideas, their universality, power and effect. For we do need inspiration through creative ideas to be able to solve the problems of the world – a Renaissance of Wisdom in education, psychology, science and politics. Wisdom in all areas of daily life.


A Renaissance of Wisdom

On occasion of  the official inauguration of the Educational Facility Schloss Löwenhain in September 2011 the festival “Renaissance of Wisdom” will take place for the first time. The following activities are being planned:

 “Wisdom throughout the Centuries”: Multimedia Exhibition

 “True happiness is based upon wisdom”: A series of lectures and a forum for dialog between representatives from the areas of  culture, religion, science, economy and politics.


Rhön Country - Area of the Future

In trend- and future-research the “Renaissance of Wisdom” has already been recognised as a “megatrend”: “Ideally a culture could emerge, which develops a central concept for the value of wisdom,” says future researcher Matthias Horx. “A long biography needs a purpose.” 

With the innovative concept of the Foundation World Cultural Heritage of Wisdom Teachings, Chateau Löwenhain can become a world-known educational facility in the next decades. Another valuable attraction in the Rhön Country, which has aleady been called an “Area of the Future”.


Please become a supporter of the Education Facility „Chateau Löwenhain“

You can support building up the Innovation and Competence Centre by a financial donation. Small amounts are also welcome. With larger amounts you can equip the main lecture hall, the conference rooms, the library or the guest house. 

The school building will need a complete renovation. With a new roof and a sandstome paneling of the facade it will fit harmoniously into the ensemble of  Chateau Löwenhain. 

You can also help transforming the old monastery garden into a meditative “Path of Wisdom” within the next years. 

Honouring the donor, a large donation can be associated with their name permanently. A donation can be dedicated to a specific purpose by a contract. Donations can be financial or in kind. 

Due to our official non-profit/charitable status all donations are tax deductible. We shall be happy to supply all necessary information.

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