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"There is only one problem, a single one in the world. To give back to humanity a spiritual significance."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"Mankind, as we have had more than
ample reason to conclude, tends
technico-physically to converge upon itself."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,
Man's Place in Nature

Picture 1: Fields of the human consciousness. Wisdom describes the higher potential of intelligence, the participation of man in the archetypical world of spirit Robert Fludd, M.D. 1574 - 1637
Picture 2: Fields in science. Traces of elemantary particles.
Picture 3: Planet Earth
Picture 4: Cosmology of the Wisdom Teachings

Projekt 2007 - 2014 Renaissance of Wisdom

Throughout millenia wisdom has been valued as one of the highest achievements of culture in humanity. The
»Renaissance of Wisdom« project has been initiated by the Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom
Teachings in order to represent this ancient value in the light of the 21st century. The project includes:
the publication of a monograph and a series of public events and a scientific symposium.
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The centerpiece of the »Renaissance of Wisdom« project will be the publication of a monograph.
It will be a detailed, well-documented work in full color presenting a comprehensive understanding of all aspects
of wisdom. Through comparative research and synoptical documentation, the insights of the various wisdom
traditions, science, art and music will be brought into a dialogue. In the light of this new and integral view, the
similarity of the concepts will be evident - an all encompassing understanding of nature, of human existence and
of the cosmos. I more information I

Greeting Cards: »Aspects of Wisdom«
We invite you to enjoy our latest range of 10 greeting cards, revealing the high esteem of wisdom in the ancient
cultures throughout the world. Every purchase you make directly contributes to the »Renaissance of Wisdom«
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The Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings was initiated and founded by 32 Co-Founders
in 2004. Their inspiration to start the foundation is based on their passion to share with the world community a
common point of reference of universally recognized truths, which they see in the everlasting foundations of
human culture, the treasures of wisdom and insight in the classical wisdom teachings, the world religions and
integral sciences. These treasures are of such timeless value that they rank - just as the name of the foundation
says - as a world cultural heritage: world culture as heritage and goal.

The ancient wisdom teachings provide a vast reservoir of meaning and orientation, which is sought-for by many
people in our time. With their holistic understanding of human existence and our position in the universe, the unity
of metaphysical search and scientific research, the unity of spirit and matter, the wisdom teachings are
of inspiring modernity, pointing the way into the future. This can clearly be seen in the remarkable resemblance
of the insights into the structural order of creation found in the traditional wisdom teachings and in the new sciences.

"Wisdom" was one of the most venerated values of the classical philosophical traditions. The excellence of the
human spirit was seen in the wisdom of a liberated human being who had achieved the capacity to transcend the
limitations of the egocentric mind, to perceive with spiritual insight, to make correct judgements and decisions
and to act for the welfare of humanity and the whole of creation through freedom from self interest and with a
sense of responsibility. The highest form of wisdom was seen in the participation in the field of "primordial
Wisdom": "Wisdom is to grasp the principle of reason, which pervades the All with all." Heraklit

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?" T.S. Eliot

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